Ep. 10: “I Haven’t Yet Accomplished What I’ve Set Out to do” –with Guest Dr. Nader Sanai

Ep. 10: “I Haven’t Yet Accomplished What I’ve Set Out to Do”-with Guest Dr. Nader Sanai 


            Indiana Jones once said, “If You Want To Be A Good Archeologist, You Gotta Get Out Of The Library!” Well, our guest Dr. Nader Sanai shares this view! “To be a good oncologist, you gotta get out of the lab!” And, as an internationally-recognized neurosurgical oncologist with clinical and research expertise in the treatment of all brain tumors, he has done just that. His specialty in clinical practice is devoted entirely to patients with tumors of the brain and spine. And, he has extensive experience using intraoperative mapping techniques to maximize tumor removal while preserving crucial structures controlling motor and language function. As the Southwest’s busiest neurosurgical oncologist, with over 3000 brain tumor surgeries performed since 2010, he has one of the largest experiences in the world. Among his various career accolades, he was recently elected to the American Academy of Neurological Surgeons.

But, all of these accomplishment pale in comparison to the life lessons he has had along the way. As he discusses in this episode, he has been personally touched by brain cancer, losing his aunt when he was very young and a cousin most recently. His destiny began a long time ago, and now he is determined to find ways to help patients live much longer.


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For more resources, visit our resource page here, or brainsforthecure.org

Hosted by Shannon Traphagen 

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