Ep. 2: “Rare Cancer, Eternal Hope–With Guest DJ Stewart.”

Ep. 1: “Rare Cancer, Eternal Hope–with Guest DJ Stewart.” 


            Glioblastoma (GBM) doesn’t care about age, race or culture. When brain cancer hits, it hits hard. But, with a rare cancer, comes the rare individual who has the fight it takes to move beyond their circumstances.

DJ Stewart was diagnosed with leg cancer in 2018, but within the year had a seizure and after an MRI and brain surgery, found out it was GBM. A reoccurrence in May 2020 resulted another craniotomy. DJ currently owns a local professional wrestling company called Journey Pro KC, JourneyProKC.com. It’s an all inclusive performance, entertainment, and wrestling production company. He also currently works full-time as a virtual retail mobile expert for T-Mobile, and spent 10+ years of his life as a sponsored professional skateboarder, as well as owning or working at local skateboard shops in Kansas City, and running the Kansas City chapter of Skate For a Change; an organization that provide supplies to the less fortunate and homeless in the community with the help of young local skateboarders.
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Resources from Ep. 2:
Clinical Trial  Gamma Knife Radiation Clinical Outcomes (https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01811498), Mayo Clinic Gamma Knife
Articles: UNC School of Medicine-Optune Device, Optune–Clinical Study Results, Gamma Knife Fact Sheet–Yale University, Novocure chief scientist explains how company’s electronic headgear offers hope to brain tumor patients (article resource Brains for the Cure)

For more resources mentioned in this episode visit my partner at: brainsforthecure.org

Hosted by Shannon Traphagen 

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