SEASON 2 Ep. 1: “No One Changes When Things are Easy” with Guest & GBM Patient Harry Lorusso

SEASON 2 Ep 1: “No One Changes When Things are Easy”-with Guest & GBM Patient Harry Lorusso


            What do you say when someone tells you they have brain cancer at 33 year’s old? What do you say when someone tells you this at 44 (that’s how old my late husband was)? There really are no words. For a doctor to tell you that you have GBM at 33 and then to turn around and say that you wouldn’t change your diagnosis for anything in the world–well, that is actually saying quite a lot!

This is what GBM patient Harry Lorusso says about his diagnosis, “No one changes when things are easy. The people my wife and I are today, we wouldn’t have become without GBM.”

Harry was just 33 when he was handed a diagnosis of stage 4 GBM. A week after his diagnosis, he and his fiancé got married. A year later they had a son. And now they’ve started the Outlier Fund. Three years in and Harry is not only in “no evidence” phase at 36 years old, but he just ran 26 miles in the Pittsburgh Marathon! He and wife Dana are focused on growing the Outlier Fund to further help and support other brain cancer patients and causes, creating memories with their son, and living in the present moment. “I’m not going to let GBM stop me from experiencing life and living my life,” he says. In our premiere episode for SEASON 2, Harry talks to me about the clinical trial that has given him three years thus far, the importance of attitude, gratitude, and viewing his diagnosis as a blessing. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss!! **Also, don’t miss Game On Glio’s documentary film shot on location with Harry as he ran the Pittsburgh Marathon. The full special video can be found on our YouTube page.

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Pittsburgh Marathon & Harry LoRusso:

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