SEASON 2 Ep. 10: “Being a Grieving Spouse with a Grieving Child,” with Guest Sara Deren

SEASON 2 Ep 10: “Being a Grieving Spouse with a Grieving Child,” with Guest Sara Deren


            It’s hard enough being a parent (at least from everything I witness and see). So, what do you do when you suddenly become a widow, grieving the loss of your spouse while also trying to help your grieving child?

Whether the loss is a caregiver, a parent, or even a sibling, a child that experiences loss is going to experience grief differently than we as adults do. Young children may not even understand what death means, or that people who have died won’t be coming back. They may worry they have done something to cause the death. On the other hand, they might not seem too concerned about it, or even go from crying one moment to wanting to play the next. It is also normal for a child to feel angry at the person who has died (or someone else entirely). As children get older they may begin to understand more, but will still need help from their parents and other caregivers on how to process and cope with loss.

So, how do we wrap our arms around these tender souls while also still trying to cope with our own grief?

In this episode we speak to Sara Deren, Founder and CEO of Experience Camps. Experience Camps is a national non-profit that gives grieving children experiences that change their lives forever. Experience camps allow children to find their own process through their grief by coming together and connecting with others their own age. Whether a child shares or not is entirely up to them, but it gives them an outlet for their grief. It gives them a chance to be active, be outside, be in a space that doesn’t constantly have triggers. More importantly, it gives children a voice by creating a more grief-sensitive culture.

Experience camps are not only vital and important, but they are completely FREE for families and offer transportation to those that need it. Listen along as Sara talks about the importance of these camps and the impact grief has on children.


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