SEASON 2 Ep. 12: “How Do We Create Space for Love in the Midst of Grief,” with Guest Marie Alessi

SEASON 2 Ep12: “How do we create space for love in the midst of grief,” with Guest Marie Alessi


            Our guest today, Marie Alessi, is a celebrated author and podcast host of Upspiral Grief. Marie unexpectedly lost her husband and father to their two boys in 2018 to a sudden brain aneurysm. Using her own tools and strong intuition, she created a path back happiness and now shares that with others across the globe.

Marie’s book, Loving Life After Loss, is about her journey of moving to Australia from Vienna, meeting, marrying, and losing Rob, and how she coped and found empowerment throughout her journey. She has since founded a movement with the same title as her book “Loving Life after Loss”. With empathy and understanding, she gently helps lift her clients up from where they are at – with a whole lot of respect for their unique journey. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to loss, yet there is a stigma around grief.

Marie and I tackle the myths and peel back the many layers of grief and loss, and how to ignite happiness again.

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Loving Life After Loss


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UpSpiral Grief with Shannon Traphagen & Marie Alessi

Secrets of Coping with Death with Julia Samuel

Redefining Our Image of a Widow: TEDx

For more resources, visit our resource page here.

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