SEASON 3 Ep. 1: “The Brain is the Black Box of the Body” with Guests Dr.’s Elad Levy and Ken Snyder

SEASON 3 Ep 1: “The Brain is the Black Box of the Body” with Guests Dr.’s Elad Levy & Ken Snyder


            Season 3 is going to take us on a journey. This season we are going to learn–together. “Navigate and Advocate” is a theme you will hear often during season 3 of The Game On Glio Podcast. And, it starts with episode 1; an up close and personal look into the depths of neurosurgery and the surgeons dedicated to helping patients and families. We all have moments we feel outnumbered. But we are not alone, and if this show gives you anything–it’s that!

Along with the audio podcast, we have a special video episode that may be found on our YouTube Channel, or watch below.

In this first episode, we sit down with Dr.’s Elad Levy and Ken Snyder of UB Neurosurgery/Buffalo General Hospital and Gates Vascular Institute/Jacobs School of Medicine. They give us rare insight into the work they do, cutting edge technology being used (including GammaTile Therapy now being offered), research into new treatment approaches for GBM from the endovascular side of their work, and even the emotional toll it has at times.

Dr. Elad Levy is Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiology, L. Nelson Hopkins, MD Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery, Jacobs School of Medicine at Biomedical Sciences, at State University of New York at Buffalo (UBNS.) He is the President for the Congress of Neurosurgeons (CNS), and received the 2018 Drake Lectureship award at the CV Section at CNS. Levy’s education includes a surgical internship and his neurosurgical residency at the University of Pittsburgh, and his fellowship at the University at Buffalo. He also received his MBA from Northeastern University.

Dr. Ken Snyder is Associated Professor of neurosurgery with UBNS. He completed his fellowship training in endovascular neurosurgery with UB Neurosurgery and spent 6 months as a research fellow at the Barrow Neurological Institute under Dr. Robert Spetzler. He completed his neurosurgical residency at UB and received his PhD in biophysics under the guidance of Dr. Frederick Sachs specializing in mechanoelectric transduction of cellular membranes. Dr. Snyder also serves as Chief Physician Quality Officer at Kaleida Health.

Along with the amazing work of Levy and his team, one of the team’s residents, Dr. Jaims Lim, is currently doing translational modeling to test intra-arterial therapies to explore endovascular treatment options for GBM. The current non-invasive research is using human GBM cells.

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You can find information on the above clinical research in our resources below.

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Resources from SEASON 3 Ep. 1:


National Library of Medicine Journal- The first endovascular glioma model for pre-clinical evaluation of intra-arterial therapeutics 

Medical Device Network- HyperFine’s Swoop Portable MRI System,

UBNS News- First Neurospine Research Forum,

Stanford Medicine (Surviving Cancer News)- Cancer and the Family’s Needs,

Arizona ABC 15 News (Ivy Brain Tumor Center)- Valley Mom Says Clinical Research Saved her life after second battle with Glioblastoma,

Lenox Hill Northwell Health News- Brain Tumor Biotech Summit,

Cure Today (not just for cancer survivors)- Mindfulness Meditation May Help Ease Stress,

Clinical Trials:

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Imvax Inc. IGV-001- Phase 2b Clinical Trial Combination Immunotherapy in Newly Diagnosed Patients With Glioblastoma,

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Hillman Cancer Center- Olaparib in Treating Patients With Advanced Glioma, Cholangiocarcinoma, or Solid Tumors With IDH1 or IDH2 Mutations,

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Roswell Cancer Center- SurVaxM Vaccine-Brain Cancer Immunotherapy,


CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Ivy Brain Tumor Center- Phase 0 Clinical Trial for Recurrent Glioblastoma,

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Lenox Hill/Northwell Health- Tissue autograft to bypass the blood brain barrier (BBB) in human glioblastoma multiforme,

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! University of California San Francisco- A New Way to Treat Children and Young Adults With a Brain Tumor Called NGGCT (ages 3-30)


Game On Glio Podcast video episode 1:


GammaTile Therapy-Patient Spotlight

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