Season 4 Ep. 2: “One Man’s Journey from Scotland to the Boston Marathon” Guest Alan Johnstone

SEASON 4 Ep 2: “One Man’s Journey from Scotland to the Boston Marathon” Guest Alan Johnstone



          How do you comprehend become a widower at 35 years old after 16 years with the one you love? How do you make sense of losing that spouse (only 33) 11 months after giving birth to your first child?

This is exactly what Alan Johnstone faced when his young 33 year-old healthy wife Anneka was diagnosed with glioblastoma five months after giving birth to their daughter Sienna. Six months after diagnosis, Anneka was gone. Sienna not even one year old.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this disease does not discriminate. It doesn’t care how healthy you are or how young you are, or how kind and humble your are. It doesn’t care about timing or life stage.

Alan and I became friends a year-in-a-half ago and I learned more about his story, his strength, his love for his daughter and his need to raise awareness and funds for this brutal disease.

With years of military experience and a love for training and working out, Alan decided to walk across Scotland and post his journey and his story. It went viral (as often happens), and he raised money that he had donated to the Brain Tumour Charity of the UK. This journey led to Alan training for two marathons, the London and Boston.

Game On Glio traveled to Boston Massachusetts to spend some time with Alan, his daughter, Anneka’s mother as well as Alan’s mother (both of whom are absolutely lovely and a joy to be with) and dive into his story. And we were there to cheer him on!

While this is a brain cancer story, a story of loss and grief, and a widower’s journey–it’s so much more. It’s a love story. Alan has not given up on what the future can look like. Hear this amazing story and how brain cancer brought a man from Scotland here to the States to run the Boston marathon for brain cancer.

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Clinical Trials:

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CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Lenox Hill/Northwell Health- Tissue autograft to bypass the blood brain barrier (BBB) in human glioblastoma multiforme,

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! BSW Health- Treatment of Recurrent GBM With APG-157 Via Expanded Access,

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! UF Health – RNA-lipid Particle (RNA-LP) Vaccines for Newly Diagnosed Pediatric High-Grade Gliomas (pHGG) and Adult Glioblastoma

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! UCSF and Ivy Brain Tumor Center- Phase 2 trial of Sonodynamic Therapy Using SONALA for DIPG


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Hosted by Shannon Traphagen 

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