News: Upspiral Grief Interview on Marie Alessi’s Loving Life After Loss Podcast

I had the pleasure of being on Marie Alessi’s Upspiral Grief Podcast last night. The podcast is part of her work in “Loving Life After Loss.”

It’s an honest and open discussion about how I’m walking through the grieving process and what I’m learning from it.

Lesson 1- Prioritize yourself (as well as your children or pets). You’d be surprised how many people throw themselves into prioritizing everyone but themselves; all the focus and attention goes to the kids or the community or work, but you get forgotten about. That type of “survival” mode will only get you so far before it starts to affect you emotionally/mentally.

Lesson 2- Don’t be scared of your grief. I will be writing about this much more in the near future, but allow grief to be your teacher.

Lesson 3- The light will always find a way to shine on those suffering adversity. It WILL eventually shine down on you. Coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills NFL team said this thought provoking statement recently to Bills tight end Dawson Knox (instagram) who very recently lost his little brother suddenly and tragically. That statement sits with me right now.

Watch Marie’s interview with me:

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