SEASON 2 Ep. 7: “Success Could be Right Around the Corner, We Can’t Give Up,” With Guest Dr. Anne-Marie Carbonell

SEASON 2 Ep 7: “Success Could be Right Around the Corner, We Can’t Give Up,” With Guest Dr. Anne-Marie Carbonell


            I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my path, specifically, how I got here. All the pieces on the chess board had to move just so in order for me to arrive to exactly where I am today. The Universe has a funny and ironically dark way of pushing us in a direction; priming us for a duty, action, or journey that will require certain skills. Before Mike was diagnosed, I was doing part time radio hosting work outside of my “then” full time job as an associate publisher. Before that, I published a novel, worked in trauma as a social worker (many of you may not know I have a Master’s degree in SW), and was accepted and attended Yale University to become certified in Storytelling in Modern Media. All of these steps primed me for the path I am now on since Mike’s death (a death for which I would give all of these skills back if it meant he were here with me).

Why do I bring this all up? Because our guest today, Dr. Anne-Marie Carbonell, co-founder at OncoSynergy Inc, has had to take the same journey.

Carbonell is not only a co-founder but the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer at OncoSynergy. She received her medical degree, graduating first in her class, from St. Louis University and trained in neurosurgery at the Cleveland Clinic. Prior to OncoSynergy, she led FDA approvals of two intracranial stents for treatment of brain aneurysms and has continued her work with the FDA by designing the first in human, phase 1 study for OncoSynergy.

To make the clinical trial a reality, Dr. Carbonell translated decades of scientific work into an investigational new drug application and led the efforts to develop OncoSynergy’s monoclonal antibody product currently being used in clinical trials.

In this episode, we explore her journey into neurosurgery and the “actions” the Universe put in her path to lead her away from saving people’s lives in surgery to saving people’s lives by finding better treatments. Think of the premise for “Doctor Strange” (the Marvels Universe movie and comics).

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Resources from SEASON 2 Ep. 7:


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Clinical Trials:

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! OncoSynergy and Moffit Cancer Center (FL)- Phase 1 Clinical Trial for Recurrent Glioblastoma,

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Hillman Cancer Center- Olaparib in Treating Patients With Advanced Glioma, Cholangiocarcinoma, or Solid Tumors With IDH1 or IDH2 Mutations,

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Roswell Cancer Center- SurVaxM Vaccine-Brain Cancer Immunotherapy

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For more resources, visit our resource page here.

Hosted by Shannon Traphagen 

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