S3 Ep. 11: “Hope For the Holidays” Guest Kate Glaser

SEASON 3 Ep 11: “Hope for the holidays” Guest Kate Glaser


            In 2019, in a quaint coffee shop, Kate and I sat chatting about our careers, our lives, our families. Kate had been working for Make A Wish Foundation but was also running her passion project Hope Rises, a global good news network aimed at spreading hope nationally but also right here in WNY. At the time, Kate had been stretched in every direction, working full time, balancing children, husband, and trying to find a way to bring her dream of Hope Rises main stream. I remember the fire in her eyes as she spoke about the work Hope Rises does and how much their fundraising helped others. Yet, she was on the brink of walking away. After nearly six years of running Hope Rises, she was tired and wasn’t sure she could keep balancing both her job and her passion. Hope Rises was known, but it wasn’t what it is today. I remember asking her, “What is it you love so much about Hope Rises? If you let it go, how do you think you’ll feel?”

Needless to say, she kept going. And, within six months Hope Rises exploded on social media when one of their good news video stories went viral. That was the tipping point (and for those who don’t know the reference–read the book- The Tipping Point, linked below).

Kate went full time into Hope Rises, and now, they spread hope-filled news every single day, as well as hosting powerful giveback projects. To date, they have raised over $300,000+ and change countless lives through charitable efforts of love like their Shine Gold fundraiser for pediatric cancer and supporting veterans at WNY Heroes.

In this episode, Kate sits down with me to discuss the power of hope, faith, family, and never giving up–even when you think all hope is lost.

As we head into Thanksgiving and the holiday season, this is an episode that will fill you with magic and love. You can watch this interview below or hear it via episode link above.

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