S3 Ep. 12: “Tackle What’s Next” Guest, Eric Wood

SEASON 3 Ep 12: “Tackle What’s Next” Guest Eric Wood


            When Eric Wood sat in a delivery room supporting his wife as she gave birth to their child, he didn’t expect to find out that his NFL career was over. It was 2018 and the middle of the football season; Wood had played his entire career for the Buffalo Bills football team. But his path there was narrow and included a bit of destiny. Wood knew full well how fortunate he had been, especially since he had already seen loss and challenges in his life. So, when another challenge knocked at his door, Wood rose to the challenge and overcame it.

Using wisdom from his professional sports career and from meeting some of the top minds in sports and business, Wood authored the book, Tackle What’s Next which draws on his own experiences transitioning out of his NFL career. The book also provides tools to achieve success in your own circumstances. Wood is a motivational speaker and podcast host (What’s Next), teaching others how to gain confidence in their life.

In this episode, Wood sits down with me to talk about tips to help overcome challenges, gain confidence and what it really means to “win” (hint: it’s not what you think). We also discuss the importance of being grounded in life and in relationships and how his faith carries him through life.

This is a powerful holiday episode you won’t want to miss.


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Evan Wood Fund: Oishei Childrens Hospital Buffalo

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Positive Psychology- The Neuroscience of Gratitude and Effects on the Brain,

Psychology Today- Hope and Faith as a Healing Concept,

Horizon Health Services Blog- Anxiety and Depression During the Holidays,

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