Season 4 Ep. 4: “Live Every Moment & Do It Big,” Guest Lauren Long

SEASON 4 Ep 4: “Live Every Moment & Do It Big,” Guest Lauren Long of the Big Tree Memorial Fund


            We all have to navigate turbulent times in life. Hopefully, it won’t be due to a cancer diagnosis or death. But what do you do when your life has been impacted by such hardships?

For Lauren Long and her friends, the best way they could think to navigate through their grief and loss was to start a non-profit in their friend’s honor.

Big Tree Memorial Fund, a 501c3 was started in honor of Erik Knapp who died from glioblastoma in his early 30’s.  The fund is unique in that it doesn’t just focus on brain cancer, but any family suffering from hardship due to a cancer diagnosis. The fund helps supports families and caregivers through resource and financial assistance.

Erik was Lauren’s best friend, and to honor his memory and the man he was, she could think of nothing better than finding a way to help others!

Lauren sits down with me in this wonderful friendly interview between two women who have such respect for each other, lifting and elevating each other, to discuss how brain cancer impacted her life through her best friend Erik Knapp and how the Big Tree Memorial Fund was started.

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Clinical Trials:

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! Multiple sites across the US- Post-Surgical Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT) Versus GammaTile-ROADS (Radiation One and Done Study)

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CURRENTLY RECRUITING! BSW Health- Treatment of Recurrent GBM With APG-157 Via Expanded Access,

CURRENTLY RECRUITING! UF Health – RNA-lipid Particle (RNA-LP) Vaccines for Newly Diagnosed Pediatric High-Grade Gliomas (pHGG) and Adult Glioblastoma

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Hosted by Shannon Traphagen 

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